Our Prices and Services 

We will take every care of your pet while we are working and grooming. We use the latest washing equipment and have carefully selected all our grooming and washing products from leading trade suppliers who specialise in offering professional grooming products. After every completed washing and grooming session we will discuss the outcome with you to ensure that our service meets the needs of both you and your pet. 

Our fully comprehensive service includes



·                                 Full clips or trims                               

·                                 Washing & drying

·                                 Flea treatment

·                                 Coat conditioning and deodorising                           

·                                 Nail clipping




The service includes, grooming with a unique grooming tool to remove dead undercoat, knots, loose skin flakes, dirt/grit etc, nail clip, check ears and eyes and clean accordingly to remove excessive wax and sleep, then a relaxing bath using  shampoo's that contain only natural ingredients and conditioners, giving body and shine to all types of fur, Turbo blow dry to blow out remainder dead fur, another groom with a slicker brush to add to the density and texture of the fur and then to finish - a rub down with a 9 essential oil doggy cologne – leaving your dog smelling beautiful on their return - GUARANTEED!



 These prices are based on the dog being in reasonable condition. If the dog is mated or in a poor condition there may be further charges.

  Wash Wash/cut
Basset Hound £27  
Beagle £25  
Blood Hound £36  
Dachshund Miniature S/hair £20  
Dachshund Miniature L/hair £22 £30
Dachshund Standard S/hair £22
Dachshund Standard L/hair £24 £30
Greyhound £24  
Norwegian Elkhound £48  
Whippet £22  
English Setter £32  
Irish Setter £32 £45
Retriever £38-40 £55
Labrador £29  
Cocker Spaniel £24 £36
Springer Spaniel £26 £37
King Charles Spaniel £22 £35
Airedale Terrier £32 £47
Border Terrier £20 £35
Bull Terrier £22  
Irish Terrier £22 £36
Welsh Terrier £22 £36
Tibetan Terrier £27 £35-£42
Cairn Terrier £20 £36
Bedlington Terrier £22 £35
Staffy £22  
Westie £22 £35
Yorkie £22 £30
Bulldog £25  
Chow Chow/Spiz £30  
Dalmatian £27  
Lhasa Apso/Shih-tzu £22 £35
Schnauzer Miniature £22 £35
Schnauzer Giant £30 £52
Bearded Collie £37 £48
Border Collie £30-£34 £35-£40
Boxer £27  
Bullmastiff £31  
Doberman £29  
German Shepherd S/hair £36  
German Shepherd L/hair £40  
Great Dane £30  
Newfoundland £60  
St. Bernard £60  
Old English Sheep Dog £40 £55
Rottweiler £30  
Samoyed Small £48  
Samoyed Large £55  
Husky £38  
Corgi £25  
Bichon Frise £22 £35
Chihuahua £20  
Pekengese £20  
Pug £20  
Jack Russell £22 £30

 Missed appointments will incur a fee due to loss time and travelling costs. 

Nail Trimming


£8 charge if another dogs nails need clipping (must be at the same address) Otherwise a £15 call out applies.

Crossbreeds most welcome!
Just phone or email for a price.

Flea Treatments


Prices vary, depending on size and breed – starting from £2, just ask your

Groomer for a quote.





Simon on 07826101634